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Fashionably Chic Tour
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You are invited to join us for your Ultimate Shopping Excursion on the streets of the Big Apple October 19th 2019. This day is laid out so fabulously, you are not going to want this day to end. At least that want some of the other Fashionista's friends are saying. Come and connect with those who love fashion just as much as you do and enjoy an exceptional day out starting at Amelie’s modern wine lounge with a French flair and then off to tons of some yummy Fashion Boutiques!

Ticket Menu:


Endless Mimosa

Transportation (Optional Luxury Coach Bus leaving from Whitemarsh Mall in Maryland)

Shopping the Hottest Vintage (from Paris.milan and around the world right on the streets of New York)

Ultimate Shopping Excursion/Style Session - How to Incorporate vintage into your wardrobe - Hottest fashion districts around and how you can get there - Vintage show presentation and more

Premium Gift

For the full Itinerary click book here.

To make this a weekend excursion for your group of 5 or more please call 443-637-2779



Fresh “I LOVE THRIFTING” Meet up

Thrifing has changed since the 1980’s. It’s now culturally correct. It has become the tag line be hide ever guy and gals conversational saying. “This is Dooney and Bourke. Guest where I snagged this from? Where? The thrift store. 

Fashionably Chic Team is hosting  Fresh "I Love Thrifting Day" meet up.  All for the loving of celebrating National Thrifting day on August 17th 12 - 7 pm. Once you register, you will receive an Itinerary a month prior to the meet up. 

You will enjoy style mavens battling it out on the styling tip and best dressed, to  shopping curated fashions from some of our favorite thrifters and thrift shops, DJ mixing it up on the turn tables. Wait!! There’s discounts, photo booth, thrift hunting, thrift show and more.

It's going to be a Thrifting Mayhem!


New York Fashion Week Girl’s Trip

Join us Fashionably Chic in New York City for a luxury Girl's Trip

Ultimate Girls Trip New York Fashion Week 2019 fashion getaway will take place on September 6th - 8th   in Manhattan Time Square, New York.

Enjoy 3-days and 2-nights in a luxury hotel in the heart of New York City and attend Fashion week events.

3 days and 2-Nights in Luxury Hotel

  • Dinner on the rooftop overlooking downtown Manhattan. Open and enclosed rooftop option.

  • 2 New York Fashion Week Shows ( One scheduled for Friday and Saturday

  • New York Fashion Week Photo shoot (Hair and makeup available as an A la carte)

  • Shop New York Fashion districts

  • Signature Gift


Join us Fashionably Chic in Paris for a luxury Girl's Trip 
As we strut the walkways of Paris and the addresses of some of the world's Fashion Icons. 

Ultimate Girl's Trip Fashion Love Affair in Paris getaway will take place on June 26th - July 2nd 2020 in  Paris France.

Enjoy 6-days and 5-nights in a luxury hotel in the heart of Paris doing the week of Fashion week events.

Do you want the ultimate girls trip? Then this is for you! The fashionably chic-girls trip is for women who love cutting-edge fashion and will travel to the mecca of fashion around the world to get it! For women who have dreamed of going to New York Fashion Week, Paris, La, and Milan. 

A fully planned itinerary will be provided upon initial payment, with various tour options. There are two fashion excursions included in your package. They can be scheduled prior to departure.

$3,000 Paid in Full, $3,245 11 mth Payment Plan


  • 6-days and 5-nights at Luxury Hotel

  • Continental Buffet Breakfast

  • Make your own custom perfume

  • Shopping excursion to Paris Finest Boutiques

  • Organic Food & Wine Tasting - Non-Alcohol Beverages will be served

  • Cruise & Champagne on the River of Seine

  • Two Fashion excursions( Fabulous Fashion Tea Party, Atelier & Fabric Trip )

  • Dress Like A Parisian workshop & trip

  • Street Style Shoot with a Fashion Photographer

  • Premium welcome Gift


Payment Plan: Payment schedule is as indicated

NON-REFUNDABLE $385 deposit will reserve your spot

June 15 2019 $260

July 15 2019 $260

Aug 15 2019 $260

Sept 15 2019 $260

Oct 15 2019 $260

Nov 15 2019 $260

Dec 15 2019 $260

Jan 15 2020 $260