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I had the Delight of sitting down and chatting it up with the owner of Miles of Styles a Vintage boutique, here in my hometown. The owner Ms. Hiedi Martin is an amazing, strong, kind, woman with a true passion for fashion, but surprisingly enough it didn’t start out that way for her. She started out as a police officer serving justice now she  is her own boss now that’s what I call a Fierce woman. Continue reading on into the interview to find out more about Ms. Hiedi Martin

Hiedi Martin

Hiedi Martin

DL: What made you open up your own boutique?

HM :Well, I’m originally from Portland ,Oregon and around 2012 I fell really ill so I began selling clothes on Ebay and did fairly well but also around 2012 I started up on Poshmark and stayed with it for four years because I was very successful with it. However within that time frame in the year 2014 I went to L.A. it didn’t work out and so I moved to Georgia and opened up Miles of Stlyes because I’ve always had a passion for fashion and thought why, not and its been the best decision I’ve made

DL: where did your love for fashion come from?

HM: I’ve had a great passion for fashion since I was 16 and my grandmother was a huge inspiration for me as well

DL: What goes into operating your own boutique?

HM: Customer Interaction is a huge key, I like to get to know my customers, try and get to know their personal taste as well as their budget so that way I can better serve them to me it’s all about getting to know your customer and trying to connect with them

DL: How long have you been in business?

HM: I have been in business going on 2 years

DL: Does it sometimes get overwhelming running a business?

HM: For me not necessarily so because I love doing what I do I love serving my customers and I love fashion so it never seems like work to me therefore I can’t get overwhelmed  


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