4 of The Best Belt Bag (a.k.a. Fanny Pack) that will awaken your wardrobe!

This fashion piece as made it's way to the closets of some of the hottest celebrities. It's no wonder! The convenience of belting this cute yet savvy bag around your waist is by far the best thing that could happen to any of us. Let me give you the 411 about The Belt Bag, known in the past as the fanny pack. Is a small pouch that goes around your waist. The bags made a huge splash in the 1980s, but were often teased for being unattractive and a huge fashion faux pa, but not anymore!



Your 411 to Style!

These aren't your 1980's aka grandma hip packs. These cute belt bags is giving a gal so much sassy!

The fanny pack or rather the belt bag has made a new stylish comeback. Gucci debuted its belt bag back in January and its  been taking off ever since. Now more affordable brands have came out with their own rendition of the belt bag. The belt bag is a great accessory to have for vacation; with Its great compact size and the convince of its location around your waist you, can simply throw you phone or favorite tube of lip-gloss in with ease.

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Leather Hip - Belt! $118.37


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 Classy & Chic

Make statements...turn heads!

Glossy Patent Vegan Leathers! $15.00

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Bling & Gucci!

Fancy girl gone Style wild!