Fashion weeks have been popping off one after another since the February 8th Fashion Week  kicked off. But have you taken notice to the street styles? You certianly can't miss it: the plastics have been finding it's way in the wardrobe of some really hott fashionista's. And these accessories the see-through is everywhere. Even Kendall Jenner was spotted with clear boots.



This season it's all about being unique and making statements. Get in on this ultra fashionable PVC trend by finding accessory that offers a mixed material.

Women's Clear Strappy Block Chunky Heel $30.90

Cute Clutch Purse $16.99

All for the metal on this tote bag only $22.99

Shades always complete a look only $246.99

Runway Tote IT Bag $28.99

Fashionista's meet Cinderella! $44.95