Violesia Tull

Brooklyn Flavor | Natural Hollywood Bedstuy Block Party

Violesia Tull

This weekend was like none other! I didn't have to drink 2 glasses of wine to feel the high energy of love, support, doped out hair/fashion, dancing to soca music, beautiful people and banging good vibes.


Or Course the highlight of this party step on the sence like, And What!  The Editor & Chief Jennifer Lord of Natural Hollywood. Was celebrating her 40th and combination with her coffe table book fundraiser. I was super excited to share in this moment of Ms. Lord making history!


Girl Power!


You would've just had to have been there! The Fashion and hair showcase was giving life. I saw art everywhere on the streets of New York City. Everything had it's own rhythm. From the trains passing, the horns from the cars, and the music from the Block party collectively made a beautiful sound. It was a night I won't forget!