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My Uber Driver Got Style!

Violesia TullComment

If you asked. I can't really say, how I met Janet. All I know is that her business card ended up in a pile of bussiness cards that I have. From the moment that I reached out to Janet to actually meeting her face to face has been amazing. There's something so unique about this diva. And when she walked through the doors of the cafe.

I felt something more from her then her bold blonde hair and stylish shades she had on with those popping redlips. But  when Janet began to speak. I then realized what that something was. Looking at Janet you wouldn't think she has a care in the world. But this womenis a power house. Janet is a straight forward kinda gal! Who enjoyes connecting and meeting new people. But her story touched my heart. You never know what a person is going through until they speak. And Janet  is working uber to changing her living arrangements from homeless to having her own.

Since I began hosting my live episodes on the Women of Worth TV ever thursday's at 12 noon via periscope. It's has been an adventure the women I have met. WOWtv is what brought about the opportunity for me too have even reached out to Janet. And though I do fashion, wardrobe styling and tour's to various boutique's. I wanted to feature and interview other women as well.

If you have been thinking about becoming a driver and or the car program that uber offer's use referral code:JANETM1368UE