Thrifty Girl TakeOver

Thrifty Girl Take Over was everything! The Ladies had a chance to get a taste of Baltimore's Vintage & Resale Fashions! Each boutique stop was in the historic area's of Baltimore! You could smell the richness of history in the air, as our group strolled through the historic landmarks of Mount Vernon and Fells Point a connect was made. Why we loved vintage and thrifting? Because some how like history fashion repeats it's self. And there's something about finding eye catching garments that you've never seen before. It's the kind of fines you won't find in a department store.

Each destination stop had us full of laughter and you would've thought we were all longtime  girlfriends coming together for a way over due Girls Hangout or some sorts.

  • Our 1st Stop was the Goodwill of Caton and needless to say, Don't sleep on the Goodwill! We had one of our FAB members giving a few of our first time thrifters some schooling when it comes to shopping at the thrift store. Following the thrift store the ladies had chance to make a quick beauty stop at Twist restaurant in the Historic Fells point for suggested tip on how to blast up those lashes and taking part in some hand pampering.
  • Our 2nd boutique was Keepers Vintage and the 3rd was the Bottle Of Bread. These cute shops Flagship is right around the corner from Antique row! And Keeper Vintage and Bottle of Bread speaks to a gal on so many levels! They're definitely our go to when  our guest calls us to book a tour or personal shopping. And you know know we can't go any where without eating hunni! Never On Sunday's was our place eatery and conversation. Lobe'Dangle a crafted leather accessory company offered our ladies some fabulous eye candy!
  • Our 3rd boutique is everything! The Zone is dopiest ever! From chic, to funky, to 70 flairs and so on! Our Style Tour Guide Violeisa would run to these door as a teenager ever time Vintage shop owner Donna would open her doors! 

So there you have it! You would've had to been there to get the full experience!