Boutique Crush Of The Month | A-DAY-N-JUNE / by Violesia Tull

The Kick off for our boutique crush of the month has been simply amazing! And just too think that the idea stemmed from the need to connect and build relationships with various boutiques. It's like a peek & investigate before considering a boutique for an upcoming tour.

Well the Boutique Crush Of the Month started in June. And we could resist the fashion tempations that A-DAY-N-JUNE is giving. A-DAY-N-JUNE is "A go to destination for fearless women who walk in their beauty and rebel against the norm .Based in Baltimore , MD and not meant that this Boutique owners inpiration behide the fashions at her boutique comes from different places & dope people all around the U.S . Her fashions are for women with no style constraints, daring, and for the "Rule Breakers."