Violesia Tull

Kitten Play & Fine Lingerie

Violesia Tull

On a sunny brisk day in winter. Is the cutest fine intimate boutique amongst them all! Okay, not quite the poetic type here. lol When I stumbled upon this Polina's Prive Fine Luxury apparel boutique. Is where it began my boutique a love affair . Oh know, you don't just walk through the door's trying on all these bra's .

When haft of them just may be the wrong bra size anyway. Because  for years someone told you that you're a 36a when really your cup size is a 36d. Well, whenever your ready for an experience and not being rushed because the consultant is trying to get to the other three women who just walked through the door! When I went into Pilina's. I found that I was wearing the wrong bra size. But Polina's Prive set me straight! I couldn't get enough. From the bra's, body suites, and the lingeria. This place had me feeling like I can conquer the world in a pair of heels with a luxury bra and panties.  

The right undergaraments will take your confidence to another level. And if you know anything about Fashionably Chic Tour.  Then you know it's all about a unique shopping experience.

And fine Lingerie Boutique is everything with cherries on top!