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I had the Delight of sitting down and chatting it up with the owner of Miles of Styles a Vintage boutique, here in my hometown. The owner Ms. Hiedi Martin is an amazing, strong, kind, woman with a true passion for fashion, but surprisingly enough it didn’t start out that way for her. She started out as a police officer serving justice now she  is her own boss now that’s what I call a Fierce woman. Continue reading on into the interview to find out more about Ms. Hiedi Martin

 Hiedi Martin

Hiedi Martin

DL: What made you open up your own boutique?

HM :Well, I’m originally from Portland ,Oregon and around 2012 I fell really ill so I began selling clothes on Ebay and did fairly well but also around 2012 I started up on Poshmark and stayed with it for four years because I was very successful with it. However within that time frame in the year 2014 I went to L.A. it didn’t work out and so I moved to Georgia and opened up Miles of Stlyes because I’ve always had a passion for fashion and thought why, not and its been the best decision I’ve made

DL: where did your love for fashion come from?

HM: I’ve had a great passion for fashion since I was 16 and my grandmother was a huge inspiration for me as well

DL: What goes into operating your own boutique?

HM: Customer Interaction is a huge key, I like to get to know my customers, try and get to know their personal taste as well as their budget so that way I can better serve them to me it’s all about getting to know your customer and trying to connect with them

DL: How long have you been in business?

HM: I have been in business going on 2 years

DL: Does it sometimes get overwhelming running a business?

HM: For me not necessarily so because I love doing what I do I love serving my customers and I love fashion so it never seems like work to me therefore I can’t get overwhelmed  


You can Find Miles of Stlyes on:






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10 of The Hottest Pairs Of Fringes to wear this Summer & Fall! by Violesia Tull


Oh my! Every bit of Beyounce performance was jaw dropping! And we couldn't help but to notice Bey constant wardrobe changes! Keep us on edge like what's next. But when Bey came out with those holographic fringe loiboutin. I was yeah she's BOSS! And because these are custom and Bey had them first, it may be a minute fbefore they're available. So while we wait . We put together the must have fringes for summer and fall. So recreating this look with the fringes will have you ready just before the weekend! And here's a few of our best picks

Take that plain heel to edgy heel  with these super cute shoe fringe accessory!! $46.90

Gucci never fails! This statement piece will level up any wardrobe For only $595.00

Girls and Curves Boutique by Debora Latimore




I had the pleasure of sitting down with local boutique owner Mary Jenkins. Wanted to learn more about her boutique, what is takes to operate a business and some fun upcoming events she has planned. So continue on reading to find out more about this Savvy Boss Lady.

DL: What made you open your own boutique?

MJ: I am already a hair stylist, and I thought since I already do that and have a passion for fashion I might as well incorporate the two. I just love making women feel good about them selves and giving them a confidence booster

DL: Where did your love for fashion come from?

MJ: My mother inspired my passion for fashion. She would inspire me because of how great of a thrifty shopper she is. And naturally I have an eye for fashion

DL: What goes into operating your own boutique?

MJ: My key component is advertising daily, and try to do different things as much as possible to try and involve the community so that people are driven to the shop

DL: How long have you been in business?

MJ: Girls and Curves has been in business for a year and a half, however my first business that I had Mirrors of beauty Hair Salon was in business for several years and I just converted it over to Girls and Curves .

DL: Does it sometimes get overwhelming running a business?

MJ: It very well can, because some days can be very slow ,and others can be very busy.  You just need to keep faith in God and push through.

DL: Who are your top 3 celebrity style/ fashion idols?

MJ: Beyoncé, Solange, India Arie I like these artists because to me they have an odd, unique style way of dressing.

DL: In the next five years where do you see yourself going with your business?

MJ: I see Girls and Curves expanding statewide and franchising out. My boutique for me is a long-term goal.

Off the record Mrs. Jenkins and I had a small chit chat and she told me on August 18, 2018 she will be hosting a fashion Show and is planning for it to be a huge turn out. She will be having model auditions and there will be several types of vendors at the event as well as other people who work within the beauty industry.

If your interested in purchasing anything from Girls and Curves click the link:

As well you can find her business on





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STYLE Challenge by Debora Latimore

Do you like a challenge? Well if you do try this stylish one. Today I want you to recreate one of your favorite celebrities look. Take a picture of yourself in your recreated outfit along side the celebrity you chose. Hashtag Fashionably Chic Tour #fashionablychictour and Details By Debora #detailsbydebora. So, that I can see what stylish ideas you came up with. Here’s a cheaper rendition of a look I made inspired by the lovely Zendaya Coleman.



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Girl's Day Out - Vintage Experience by Debora Latimore

girl trip.jpg

She Ready! Is the stand of quote I think of when you say the movie Girls Trip! Girls Trip was a blockbuster hit that premiered last summer that had an amazing cast of ladies consisting of Queen Latifah (Sasha Franklin), Jada Pinkett-Smith (Lisa Cooper), Regina Hall(Ryan Pierce), and Tiffany Haddish (Dina). The movie had me laughing from beginning to end. It was wild, crazy, funny, exciting.

However, it was also insightful by teaching you the true meaning of friendship. Within the movie, the ladies dealt with having their friend’s back (Ryan played by Regina Hall), by being supportive after she found out her husband was cheating on her. Or even, on a more fashionable note how they wouldn’t let Lisa (Jada Pinkett’s Character) walk out to the club in a hideous outfit. Now that’s a true testament to friendship! I mean I would want my girlfriends to tell me if I wasn’t looking good before I stepped out.

And lastly, towards the end of the movie, the girls had a big falling out but eventually came to their senses and made up. The movie by far is the most comical movie you will possibly see in a long time. It will definitely keep you entertained. Now before concluding this segment I would like to state a few things I learned from the movie which was: one friend don’t let friends walk out looking ridiculous, two we all need that one crazy fun friend to help us loosen up and unwind (Dina Tiffany Haddish’s character), and lastly that no matter what comes your way if it’s a true friendship nothing will break your bond.

Girls Day Out 1 (1).png

Now speaking of friendships and unbreakable bonds that’s exactly what you’ll develop when you come to Vintage and Brunch on April 7th. Just like in the movie you’ll be going on a trip with some extraordinary ladies right in heart of New York City. You’ll have a good time from start to finish. From the brunch, all the mimosas you can drink, shopping, a fashion presentation and so much more! This is one girl's trip you wouldn’t want to miss you’ll have such a great time, it will create everlasting memories. This type of experience is one you have to come.  You don’t want to go through FOMO trust me it’s not a good feeling.  So, get READY! for this girl’s trip. Click the link below to secure your ticket before it’s too late!!!



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4 of The Best Belt Bag (a.k.a. Fanny Pack) that will awaken your wardrobe! by Debora Latimore

This fashion piece as made it's way to the closets of some of the hottest celebrities. It's no wonder! The convenience of belting this cute yet savvy bag around your waist is by far the best thing that could happen to any of us. Let me give you the 411 about The Belt Bag, known in the past as the fanny pack. Is a small pouch that goes around your waist. The bags made a huge splash in the 1980s, but were often teased for being unattractive and a huge fashion faux pa, but not anymore!



Your 411 to Style!

These aren't your 1980's aka grandma hip packs. These cute belt bags is giving a gal so much sassy!

The fanny pack or rather the belt bag has made a new stylish comeback. Gucci debuted its belt bag back in January and its  been taking off ever since. Now more affordable brands have came out with their own rendition of the belt bag. The belt bag is a great accessory to have for vacation; with Its great compact size and the convince of its location around your waist you, can simply throw you phone or favorite tube of lip-gloss in with ease.

Click on the picture. This I'm too sexy tee is to cute!

Leather Hip - Belt! $118.37


Super cute waist bag! $14.99


 Classy & Chic

Make statements...turn heads!

Glossy Patent Vegan Leathers! $15.00

gucci belt bag.png

Bling & Gucci!

Fancy girl gone Style wild!

Vintage & Brunch by Debora Latimore


 Imagine sitting down with the girls chatting it up drinking mimosas, talking about fashion and so much more. I couldn’t think of a better day, could you? Well, on April 7th that’s exactly what you’ll experience in the world’s fashion capital New York City! This brunch is an experience where you’ll experience all things fashion from a fashion show, shopping, and a style session and like the true fashionista you are, you’re going to attend this event fashionably stylish! I mean you wouldn’t do it any other way Darling! But even the most stylish fashionistas have what I like to call “style block”. So that’s why I came up with a mini look book to get you a little inspired.


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Cat- Eye Shades That You Will See Alot of This Spring! by Violesia Tull