Vintage & Brunch by Debora Latimore


 Imagine sitting down with the girls chatting it up drinking mimosas, talking about fashion and so much more. I couldn’t think of a better day, could you? Well, on April 7th that’s exactly what you’ll experience in the world’s fashion capital New York City! This brunch is an experience where you’ll experience all things fashion from a fashion show, shopping, and a style session and like the true fashionista you are, you’re going to attend this event fashionably stylish! I mean you wouldn’t do it any other way Darling! But even the most stylish fashionistas have what I like to call “style block”. So that’s why I came up with a mini look book to get you a little inspired.


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Belt Bag (a.k.a. Fanny Pack) by Debora Latimore

The Belt Bag, known in the past as the fanny pack. Is a small pouch that goes around your waist. The bags made a huge splash in the 1980s, but were often teased for being unattractive and a huge fashion faux pa, but not anymore! The fanny pack or rather the belt bag has made a new stylish comeback. Gucci debuted its belt bag back in January and its  been taking off ever since. Now more affordable brands have came out with their own rendition of the belt bag. The belt bag is a great accessory to have for vacation; with Its great compact size and the convince of its location around your waist you, can simply throw you phone or favorite tube of lip-gloss in with ease.


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Cat- Eye Shades That You Will See Alot of This Spring! by Violesia Tull

Your Style Guide To PVC Accessories by Violesia Tull

Fashion weeks have been popping off one after another since the February 8th Fashion Week  kicked off. But have you taken notice to the street styles? You certianly can't miss it: the plastics have been finding it's way in the wardrobe of some really hott fashionista's. And these accessories the see-through is everywhere. Even Kendall Jenner was spotted with clear boots.



This season it's all about being unique and making statements. Get in on this ultra fashionable PVC trend by finding accessory that offers a mixed material.

Women's Clear Strappy Block Chunky Heel $30.90

Cute Clutch Purse $16.99

All for the metal on this tote bag only $22.99

Shades always complete a look only $246.99

Runway Tote IT Bag $28.99

Fashionista's meet Cinderella! $44.95

Channeling My Inner Diana Ross | Mahogany by Violesia Tull

When I attended this event at Graffiti Warehouse located in Baltimore, a historic building with exposed brick on the inside and graffiti everywhere, was the perfect place for creativity and art to happen. I wasn't expecting to see all these models parading around in their fancy dresses and photographers ready to snap a picture every chance they could get. If you can remember the amazing 1975 film starring Diana Ross in " Mahogany" photographer Ashton captured a look that had me looking sensational.

Get this look!

  Photo by: C.D. Ashton Photography

Photo by: C.D. Ashton Photography

  Photo by: C.D. Ashton Photography

Photo by: C.D. Ashton Photography

  Photo by: C.D. Ashton Photography

Photo by: C.D. Ashton Photography

  Photo by: James Barn

Photo by: James Barn

  Photo by: Vicki Gray

Photo by: Vicki Gray

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” —Edith Head

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6 Stylish Looks for New York Fashion Week Girls's Trip! by Violesia Tull


Hit the runway at New York Fashion Week in style!

   Layer, layer, layer & fishnet + hardcore boot's!

Layer, layer, layer & fishnet + hardcore boot's!

Layer, layer, layer & fishnet + hardcore boot's! Fashion week isn't about taking a safe approach to style. This day is to show off the look you've always wanted to wear but was to scared to do so.

  Fringes and Metallic

Fringes and Metallic

Fringes with Metallic boots = Bad*** 

Register for New York Fashion Week Girl's trip at It's an experience you don't want to miss! *Bottomless Brunch on the Rooftop * Slay Girl Photoshoot *Tour to NYC Fashion District * 2 Fashion Week Shows.

Brooklyn Flavor | Natural Hollywood Bedstuy Block Party by Violesia Tull

This weekend was like none other! I didn't have to drink 2 glasses of wine to feel the high energy of love, support, doped out hair/fashion, dancing to soca music, beautiful people and banging good vibes.


Or Course the highlight of this party step on the sence like, And What!  The Editor & Chief Jennifer Lord of Natural Hollywood. Was celebrating her 40th and combination with her coffe table book fundraiser. I was super excited to share in this moment of Ms. Lord making history!


Girl Power!


You would've just had to have been there! The Fashion and hair showcase was giving life. I saw art everywhere on the streets of New York City. Everything had it's own rhythm. From the trains passing, the horns from the cars, and the music from the Block party collectively made a beautiful sound. It was a night I won't forget!


My Uber Driver Got Style! by Violesia Tull

If you asked. I can't really say, how I met Janet. All I know is that her business card ended up in a pile of bussiness cards that I have. From the moment that I reached out to Janet to actually meeting her face to face has been amazing. There's something so unique about this diva. And when she walked through the doors of the cafe.

I felt something more from her then her bold blonde hair and stylish shades she had on with those popping redlips. But  when Janet began to speak. I then realized what that something was. Looking at Janet you wouldn't think she has a care in the world. But this womenis a power house. Janet is a straight forward kinda gal! Who enjoyes connecting and meeting new people. But her story touched my heart. You never know what a person is going through until they speak. And Janet  is working uber to changing her living arrangements from homeless to having her own.

Since I began hosting my live episodes on the Women of Worth TV ever thursday's at 12 noon via periscope. It's has been an adventure the women I have met. WOWtv is what brought about the opportunity for me too have even reached out to Janet. And though I do fashion, wardrobe styling and tour's to various boutique's. I wanted to feature and interview other women as well.

If you have been thinking about becoming a driver and or the car program that uber offer's use referral code:JANETM1368UE